LED Desktop Light TL5

Product Code: TL5

1,061,500 ₫
Capacity: 13W

Luminous flux: 420 lm

Color temperature (CCT): 4000-4500K. The lamp has 1 color mode: neutral. Continuous light, no flicker, good for eyesight

Touch button: Adjust the brightness to a suitable level

Does not emit UV rays, does not harm eyes

European standard CE - RoHS

Voltage: 220VAC

LED chip long life, energy saving

MPE Table Led Lamp TL5 size: 359mm x 420mm

Packing: 1 pc / box - 12 pcs / carton

High quality lamp material, high durability

Sleek and modern

3 Mode Desktop Lamp TL5 comes with a convenient 10W wireless charging dock.

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