Led Round Panel RPL-15 White, yellow, neutral

Product Code: RPL-15T /N/V

381,200 ₫
Led Panel Lights 15W Ø190 mm with 3 item codes: RPL-15T, RPL-15N, RPL-15V with the same price of 346,500 VND

Power factor (PF):> 0.5

Clearance: 1,300 lm

Color Temperature (CCT): 6000-6500K / 4000-4500K / 2800-3200K. White, neutral, yellow. Continuous light, no flicker, good for eyesight

Color rendering index (CRI):> 80

MPE Led Round Panel size: Ø190mm × 25mm

Perforated size: Ø180mm

Packing: 1 pc / box, 30 pcs / carton

Beautiful design, diverse designs, many types, MPE led ceiling lights are easy to install plaster ceiling for townhouses, villas, apartments, offices.